tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

Expecto Patronum

Heureca !

Her er mit Barnebarn nr. 4 . 12 timer gammel.

Hvordan skal han navngives : Gustav, Emil, Pelle ?

(Det forlyder  fra pålidelig Kilde, at dette prægtige Vidunder skal Kaldes Svend - ligesom Hans hedengangne Oldefar. Sådan !!)

under kyndig indflydelse fra Matriarken

mandag den 8. marts 2010

Tal Mut

Frit fra Hin Anden 
Øvre Taler
Tæller 3
Tal til

Vil Lede - Vil Vide

Universets vide Sider
viser Sidst De rette Veje,
visse Vise vil fordreje -
mod Vanvids åbne Vidder

Legends of Jericho

The Crossing of The Borderline Threshold

Wit! or What?

Whilst Artists of Culture
shed Favours to Savor
for Angels Delight,
Three redhanded Creatures
were caught in Behaviour
of Moral Despite !
Was Wisdom true Honour
dismantled by Pride,
or merely A Glamour
disguised in forged Hide?

Talmudist's Tale

Authentic Organisms
Anagogic Antagonism

Synthetic Spirits
Symbolic Synchronism.

Confucian Corpuscles
Eternal Integrity

 True Breeding

Artisanal Loaves
- traditionally lean -
depleted contendedly
The trivial Scene
performed between
fierce Peers and dear Fiend
released Constriction
of Mind and Skill
constructed best Will
perpetual boundlessly seen

Transmitted Translation
Conformal Conversion

Diffusive Cultures
confusing Factors
charged Changes
changed Charges
expiring cold Cremation.

Occulted Structures
compacted Fractals
reduced radically
rancid Mortality
of free Incarnation

Verdict of Solomon

In consequence of recent Deceased
I have considered to solemnly spend
Your Eclectic Affairs on Tribal Conduct

Proceed Our Protrusion
Prostitutional Progress

Conflict Their Opinion
Pain And Desire

Enlight His Confusion
Ultimate Entropy

Seduce Her Despair

Omit blind Mission
Emit Lucid Vision
Lead Clamour Towards Light
Attempt Void Devotion
Tempt Joy Within Fright
Raise Death Before His Sight